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เครื่องบด Pin mill /
เครื่องบด Pin mill


  • Higher capacity to conventional pin mill.
  • Space saving  compared with other machine.
  • Motor directly connected to rotor, reduce conductioin loss.
  • Noise and exhausted are reduced compared to others.
  • Operable with inverter, can adjust rotation speed and rotating direction.
  • Casted steel is employed to enhance the life time.



  • Operator puts raw material into hopper at the upper part of the main body.
  • Feeder constantly supplies raw material to the pulverizer body.
  • Raw material is milled by pin of rotating plate and pin of fixed plate at door.
  • Output particle size is regulated by the punching plate’s opening size.

※ Milling grain size can  be varied by the rotation speed and the punching screen’s opening.

※ Standard machine  equips a magnet at pulverizer’s inlet to remove foreign metal material.


     Inside Machine Figure


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